Dear Brokers...

Dear Real Estate Brokers,

When we started thinking about building our new brokerage website, we wanted to do something different. 

We knew we didn’t want to just create yet another run-of-the-mill IDX search experience, we wanted to focus on telling our story more clearly and in a way that is truly compelling to our visitors. We wanted to showcase our people and the homes they sell.

We decided to invent a new paradigm for what a brokerage website could be.

Sequel is the result.

A new software startup

Our goal, is quite simple:

To unite real estate brokerages from around the world with shared technology that shows off their brand to create a superior experience for agents and their customers.

We are looking for a few more good partners who can join us as we work collectively to build out this vision.

So if you’re a real estate brokerage with a strong local story to tell and you have grown beyond the confines of your existing web presence... Reach out.

If you believe in an  open and flexible future... Connect with us.

And finally, if you’re someone who’s simply not satisfied with getting what everyone else has...

Join us.

Josh HeppnerComment